New Way Things Work, The Dorling Kindersley Software 1998

Join David Macaulay in his wacky world of machines, inventions and inventors. Discover the workings of more than 150 machines. Meet the great inventors from 7,000 BC to the present. And do it all with Macaulay's world-renowned mascot, the Great Woolly Mammoth, as your guide. Dive into the Digital Domain. Explore an all-new virtual landscape exploding with the latest technology. From the Internet and Artificial Intelligence - to Mars Pathfinder, mobile phones and more. Tap into Answers. Who invented it? And when? Where was it built? How does it work? With thousands of lightening-fast links, answers are a click away. Track Your Knowledge. Pinpoint what you've seen (and what you haven't) with a 3-D landscape map. Even take the Mammoth School House challenge to see how much you know. See How It Works. With humorous animations and detailed illustrations, all 22 Principles of Science come roaring to life.
Full ISO Demo 194MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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