room13 The Paper Robot / Clickteam 2017

Pick a FACE. Build your KILL MACHINE. Slaughter the DEAD. This is a thrilling combination of violence, extreme gore, amazing graphics, simple controls, fun and humor. When you find yourself trapped in a mysterious house being overrun by the dead you do what anyone would. Slaughter them, collect their organs, build some guns and kill some bosses. Created by a one-man development team, it's an Action Platform horror game with heavy weapon building and customizing elements. You start each run with a basic gun and a raw, half rotten face. Travel room by room avoiding KillTraps, collecting weapon parts, and finding new faces to wear. Fight your way through 12 Bosses and unlock the secrets of room13. Additional Features: Nonstop pulse-pounding action; 13 uniquely dangerous rooms to survive with 13 even more uniquely dangerous bosses to battle; The ability to defeat a Boss and then wear their face and gain their powers; 32 total faces to earn, unlock and wear as your own; 2 Game Modes (Story and Arcade); A customable kill machine with THOUSANDS of possible weapon configurations to assemble each time you play; Melee weapons; Original soundtrack composed by Orb Soundwerx.
Download: None currently available

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