Bad Dream: Coma Desert Fox / PlayWay S.A. 2017

A point&click game where unique minimalistic art style creates an unforgettable and atmospheric experience. Travel through the surreal and disturbing dreamland where everything depends on your actions. You can't die but you can suffer greatly. The game is designed in the "action-reaction" way and there are no obvious choices. Beat the game once and then be curious "What if I would do it differently". Sometimes it's something small but from time to time you'll see huge differences. The smallest things can be most rewarding. Visit the place known from the previous chapters of the Bad Dream Series. Encounter well known creatures in their new form, or find the way to erase them from your memory and turn this dream to the peaceful nap. Features: highly atmospheric world created with simple yet beautiful graphic design, and carefully selected sounds; non-linear gameplay with high replayability; hidden content for curious players; original soundtrack.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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