Isles of Umbra riffst / Twisted Pilot 2016

This is a first person exploration game where you're playing as John Wilbur – archeologist who suffers from chthonic nightmares. Every night he finds himself at the ancient islands inhabited by mysterious creatures who trying to break into the real world. Your goal is to perform the Seal Ritual and imprison evil beings. You have a limited amount of time, every visit to dreamlands reduces it. You need to communicate with islanders and solve puzzles to find artifacts. But beware: all of islanders are eager to break into our world at any cost. The project started as Rostislav's Ludum Dare 28 entry in 2014. Features: Interactive interpretation of H.P. Lovecraft novels; Accent on exploration; Creepy noises, made with Unity engine.
Free Game 119MB (uploaded by

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