Rock-N-Rogue: A Boo Bunny Plague Adventure On the Level Game Studios 2017

Join Bunny and his friends from Boo Bunny Plague on a brand new adventure: A battle of the bands strewn across the nine levels of hell. Prepare for a dungeon crawl like you've never seen before. Choose between Bunny or one of his three BFF's: Gunny, Faye and Ganny. Grab your instrument and battle your way to victory across nine hellish levels of undead creatures, demons, and monsters. Level up your favorite character for more power than ever before. Features: Play as one of four characters, Bunny, Gunny, Faye or Ganny with variant character skins; Level progression increases your characters power; Play through Rock (story mode with saves) or Rogue (0ne life, no saves) versions of the game.
Download: None currently available

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