Werther Quest Blueberry Studio / HCP Entertainment 2017

Werther, a young tree frog, was born and raised in a backwater town where local creatures were stranded for generations. The only way to the outside world was to cross a deadly great river.Werther's father was one of the forerunners exploring the world, but he never came back. As time passed, the town's residents were tired of waiting. Disanimation and desperate overwhelmed them. Some started to worship a fictional orb called the Heart of Volcano, and some others started to suspect that 'you can reach the outside world if you cross the river' was a lie. With all these tangling ideas inside his head, our young Werther came to understand his desire for affection and he decided to start his own adventure to look for family and hope. Features: Beautiful hand-painted graphics and epic music; Fully voice-acted; Lots of mini games; Heart-warming story about Family, friendship and dreams; No in-app purchase.
Download: None currently available

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