How To Shoot A Criminal Pandorica 2017

You investigate a famous newspaper in the 1930's era. You must find definite proof of wrongdoing with the help of the game's search engine in order to sink the newspaper down. Aaron Williams is an ambitious editor in chief in charge of the Revenge, a newspaper bent on revealing the truth at all costs. This noble mission becomes harder and harder to accomplish as politics, economics and inner dissension within the newspaper staff gets in the way. It will test the mettle of the editing team of the Revenge, and ultimately will reveal the true nature of some of its members. The Revenge's motives have been corrupted by Aaron's ambition, a criminal by association. It will take you, interpreting Scarlett, a talented and passionate journalist who is part of the inner circle, to explore the various articles of the Revenge to find a way to bring down its tyrannical editor in chief. Plunge into an era and a scandalous story that will make the headlines, as you uncover the dark secrets of the Revenge. Search for key words, and the truth behind the different affairs covered by the newspaper. Find a way to succeed in bringing the whole paper down. How to shoot a criminal is a harder idea to achieve than to entertain.
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