Nights of Azure Gust / Tecmo Koei 2017

First on PS3 in 2015, this is an action RPG set in unique fantasy world, developed by Japanese studio know from the Atelier and Ar tonelico series. It takes us to an isolated island kingdom, in which people must face demonic creatures that roam at night. The main heroine, Arnice, is a warrior gifted with dark powers. Her duty is to protect priestess Lilysee who – according to legends – can lift the curse that was cast on the land by sacrificing herself. To prevail against overwhelming forces of evil, Arnice has to gradually abandon her humanity, while Lilysee tries to accept her fate. Gameplay shares characteristics with the hack and slash genre. We observe the three-dimensional world from third-person perspective, as the heroine fights with enemies. Those battles are purely arcade and fought with the assistance of demonic minions. Between missions – main or secondary – we can visit our base, where we may talk with NPCs and unlock new powers.
Download: None currently available

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