Leaps and Bounds 2 SEMERC, Granada Learning, Q&D Multimedia Ltd. 2000

This is the second title in the Leaps and Bounds series, providing a rich and stimulating experience for early learners. Six attractive, highly motivating activities engage young users and the developmentally young in an imaginative and educational experience. No text or speech in the title means it is suitable for early learners in all countries. Activities include mouse skills, decision making skills, visual and auditory stimulation, left/right orientation and tracking. With engaging graphics, catchy music and plenty of surprises, the child's attention will be held, either using a mouse, switch or touchscreen to interact with the application. Key features: Develops mouse skills and hand-eye coordination; Encourages visual and auditory discrimination; Reinforces targeting and communication skills; Provides opportunities for pupils to communicate and extend their vocabulary range.
Full Demo 64MB (uploaded by ryanpcworld)

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