ER: The Game Legacy Interactive Inc. 2005

Direct from the TV series, ER places you in the life of an intern in the emergency room. Start out with few skills and work your way up as you treat patients with 6 categories of injuries - general surgery, neurology, broken bones, cardiac, pediatrics, and toxicology. Not only do you need to treat the patients, but you need to get along with the staff as well. If you're near a friendly staff member, your skills increase. However, if you're near a staff member who doesn't like you, or even hates you, your skills will decrease. There are a number of ways to improve your relationships including talking about various things with the staff and giving gifts. You can also receive gifts from patients who you treat. Features: Voice talents and likenesses of Noah Wyle, Mekhi Phifer and Sherry Stringfield; Create your doctor and train in six different fields of medicine; Unique character management sim / roleplaying gameplay; Increase your prestige in the hospital by successfully treating patients, maintaining positive relationships and achieving your goals in each of the dramatic and sometimes humorous mission-based episodes; Immersive gameplay features highly-detailed 3D environments and over 100 unique characters; Utilize Perks and Special Abilities for the greater good, or just to spite your rivals! Give them as gifts or trade them with fellow staff members to build stronger relationships; Experience a huge variety of patient disorders and group emergencies both inside and outside of the ER.
ISO Demo 494MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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