Eldritch Hunter Joshua Missile 2017

Purge a horrific Lovecraftian cult from your city and save the Pope as a lone inquisitor with a crossbow. This is a difficult platforming shooter with swift, level-based gameplay and several unlockable weapons to tackle often puzzle-esque battles, requiring a lot of hot-foot thinking along with fast-paced combat. The game features 6 worlds, online leaderboards, 10 unlockable weapons, and 2 unlockable characters. Mouse and Keyboard only. Keys are rebindable, and the game runs at 60fps, along with a low graphics setting just in case. A and D to move, W to jump, Left Click to shoot, Shift or Right Click to use skill. Number keys or mouse wheel to switch weapons. F11 or ctrl+enter to toggle fullscreen.
Download: None currently available

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