Quote Vindit 2017

Early Access Release Burn every book. Kill every author. This is a beautifully twisted action role-playing game about cleansing the world of knowledge. You are the chief inquisitor of Bliss, God of Ignorance, sent to eradicate all wisdom, science and culture. Let nothing survive the purge. Hunt down those who would impose the tyranny of knowledge upon the world. Destroy their works. Bludgeon the very thoughts from their wicked heads with a wide array of explosive combat powers. Only you can bring forth an age of blissful ignorance. Only you can save the world from facts and truth. Explore a beautifully hand-drawn world, built from the ashes of a lost culture. Feed sacrilegious books to your bizarre birdman sidekick Tatters to upgrade and unlock your powers and abilities. Uncover the mysteries of a lavishly-narrated, twisted and darkly witty story. Dish out divine retribution in style, with a frenetic, varied but accessible fighting system. Take a break from the story to battle through Quote's procedurally-generated Infinite Library mode. Find over 40 persistent unlocks, including new combat finishers, bonus stories and alternative costumes. Inspired by traditional isometric action-adventure games, the works of Vonnegut, Carter, Bradbury, Eco, Huxley and many more, and the surrealist art of Hieronymus Bosch. An ongoing, evolving tale: This release includes the first three chapters of the campaign. The remaining chapters will be added over the Early Access period.
Download: None currently available

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