Ruction: The Golden Tablet Scott Richey / Ruction Games 2017

Early Access Release This is an open world adventure game where you embark on a journey through a jungle environment looking for clues that lead to your lost brother, and along the way discover the mystery of the golden tablet. You will find your brother by accepting tasks from natives, and in return for doing these tasks you will be rewarded with information about where your brother could be. While you pursue your objectives, you will explore the world, climb vines, hang upside down as you cling to roots across hundred foot drops, figure out what you should do next and strategize your next move. Key Features: Open World; Objective tasks; Hidden treasures; Climbable objects - vines, ladders, rocks etc.; Explore a completely custom land; Rescue your brother from the environment; Track your objectives and discover new areas; Acquire & present secure info to access secret areas; A personal favorite, blow a few things up along the way.
Download: None currently available

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