All The Delicate Duplicates The Space, One to One Development Trust - Dreaming Methods, Mez Breeze Design 2017

This is a single player first-person narrative game that toys with the concept of time: reality isn't stable or linear here, but unfurls across a storyworld that bends, flexes and (in some instances) duplicates. John, a computer engineer and single father, inherits a collection of arcane objects from Mo, his mysterious relative. Over time, John and his daughter Charlotte begin to realise that these objects have unusual physical properties – and that the more they are exposed to them, the more their reality and memories appear to change. Features: Haunting freeform environments with open exploration; Non-linear narrative that pieces together through interactive discoveries in the game-world and a text-based backstory; Soundscaped (yep, it's a technical term *cough*) by acclaimed audio creator Chris Joseph; VR version launching late 2017; Commissioned by The Space; Supported by Tumblr through their International Digital Media and Arts Prize; David-Lynch-like intrigue (if we do say so ourselves) via a variable storyline. Prepare to have your storytelling perceptions stretched beyond the "real" as you (think you) know it.
Download: None currently available

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