Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Omega Force / Koei 2017

A third-person perspective hack-and-slash action game. The title adapts the popular Japanese comic series Berserk, set in a grim dark fantasy realm filled with wars, demons and villainy, drawing inspiration from European Middle Ages. The main protagonist of the series is a warrior named Guts, initially a mercenary he was later forced to declare war on the demonic forces pulling the strings of this dark world. In Berserk Warriors player can control not only Guts, but other characters from the comic universe as well. The gameplay mechanics expand on the solutions known from series such as Dynasty Warriors. During the game, the players will face numerous hordes of enemies and powerful bosses. At the heart of gameplay lies an advanced combat system which allows the player to perform various attacks and combining them into devastating combos. The game also contains RPG features: during the battles player gathers experience which then can be used to develop abilities of the characters.

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Download: None currently available

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