Popol Maya [J] Shadow Entertainment / AFOON 1997

This is a game to comprehend the spirits of neo-animism. You will communicate with many animals, living things and phenomena encountered on the game by moving your character. It is similar to having experienced a variety of experiences and having acquired various knowledge since you were born. However, what is different is that common sense of human society that we have cultivated up to now does not pass. You can use your accumulated knowledge to hit your computer's keyboard, you can move yourself freely, but coping with various phenomena in the world of Popol Maya = neo-animism. Because it is the first experience, it will be accompanied by a lot of difficulties. Given the spirit of neo-aminism, the beginning of this game is that everyone of the players is no better than a baby. As human babies grow, as well as remembering communication with the world, you will be able to find out the spirits of nature and neo-animism by clearing out many of the problems encountered one by one It will incorporate. And the spirit can know the depth by the Maya name given to you. Maya name is your experience, life, the key to the new world, a sign that represents all of yourself. But what it means is that you will know when yourself crosses this game and accesses the new world.
ISO Demo + manual + poster scans + fanmade utility to keep multiple saved games 199+167MB (uploaded by hyrbidadv)

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