Hoyle Blackjack Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1996

This offers players the experience of playing the popular and easy to learn card game at a casino table against the dealer, other talking players in a single-player game as well as multiplayer games through the internet with other real-life opponents. You start with $5,000 in chips and $5,000 in the bank from which you can withdraw funds through an in-game ATM. The game offers a tutorial and hints and the player can customize may options such as number of decks, bet limits, double-down options, and number of splits allowed. You can adjust the talkativeness of the computer opponents and dealer and choose a male or female dealer and from amongst colorful opponents each with their own personality. There's the sultry Kathryn, the suave James Bond wannabe Sterling, the beer-drinking worker Jack, and the purse-clutching Mrs. O’Shea among others.
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Full Demo 291MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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