Fisher-Price Ready for School: First Grade Fisher-Price / Knowledge Adventure 1997

Get 1st grade off to a flying start with Gregory Woodpecker and his forest friends. It's full of learning fun that will help prepare your child for success in the first grade. As youngsters explore the friendly forest, they will master basic skills in reading, writing, arithmetic and more before you know it. Addition and Subtraction: Practice making change as you shop in Buster Bear's toy store. Making stories: Create your own stories using words, pictures and sound effects. Art and Design: Build and decorate your own custom tree house. Features: Over 21 engaging activities; Over 30 first grade-appropriate skills; Three levels of play that adjust to your child's abilities; Special Family Resource Center with parent tips and children's activity sheets; Learning skills matrix to track your child's progress; Printable activity book that encourages learning and play away from the computer. Fly into first grade with Gregory Woodpecker as he swoops into an enchanted forest full of learning fun. From Sammy Squirrel's Acorn Arcade to the musical jammin' Hut, there are a lot of exciting activities to discover when you go exploring. So, lace up your sneakers and get ready to climb to the top of your class. Reading Comprehension Get to the core of reading comprehension in Webster's Apple House. Science & Nature Explore the solar system and learn about plants and rocks on earth. Maps & Directions Learn map reading and directions as you search for hidden treasure. Shapes & Early Geometry Give Lady Liana a hand drawing the missing shapes. Telling Time Learn how to tell time under the watchful eyes of Von Bat. Phonics & Rhyming Use phonics to build reading skills with the acorn launcher. Your Child Will Learn Over 30 Skills, Including: Reading - Mastering phonics, world building and reading comprehension; Writing - Sentence structure, creative writing and story-making; Arithmetic - Addition and subtraction, counting money and estimation; Science - Introduction to plants, rocks and the solar system; Shapes - Early geometry; Creativity - Building and decorating a tree house; Critical Thinking - Following directions, map reading, process building and sequencing; Telling Time - Reading and understanding analog and digital clocks; Map Reading - Understanding maps and following directions.
ISO Demo 321MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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