Midnight at the Celestial Palace Orrery Games, Blip Haus Design 2017

Chapter I is the first episode in a fantasy adventure series. Join Greg, a 37 year old manchild and professional underachiever, as he is whisked away to a magical dreamland hidden beyond the stars. Befriended by the dutiful otter Sir Squiggles, the two embark on a harrowing journey through the whimsical realm of Dreamania in a quest to reach the wondrous Celestial Palace. But from the shadows, a great peril looms. Features: Interactive songs. It's a Point and Click Musical; A fun, humor-rich story sure to delight players of all ages (though your kids probably won’t get all the jokes.); Entertaining puzzles; Gorgeous storybook-like art and animations in a cozy retro style; Full voice acting; 3-5 hours of gameplay; An original, totally epic music score.
Download: None currently available

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