Eigo Taru Furiko [J] Child-Dream 2004

Eternal Tear Pendulum is a game that emphasizes the graphic and the story, in particular, himself = the hero, among such RPG. There are many times you will have to make a decision during the story, but please enjoy what kind of way Tier, the stage of the story, follows your own decisions. My teacher was a famous druid. On that day, he said: "A tremendous thing was found, which leads to a catastrophic catastrophe called a catastrophe, the assumptions that made up and keeping this world will be destroyed ." - Nakagawa - 10 years since then Even so, the teacher did not return. Is he dead or has survived somewhere in this vast Tiah land and still fighting and pointing its power for something that he believed? "Why did he jump into the dead ground himself ?" What exactly was "μ" that changed his life? And I had another more fundamental question. "Is this world really worth yourself?" It's a multi-player simultaneous connection online RPG that emphasizes the narrative, and each employing more than 80 occupations, skills, various techniques, each using the cooperation with others in battle and event etc. Eventually, the adventurers will step into the battle over the unknown being called "μ" that the stage of the tier that is the stage of the stage encompasses. Map screen of 2D view and command input formula. We adopt battle and make it easy system for players who are not beginners of games or who are not good at action. It was made with RPG Maker 2000.
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Japanese ISO Demo 48MB (uploaded by som1)
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