Read, Write & Type! The Learning Company 1995

Three Essential Skills on One CD-ROM. This is a revolutionary program that enables children to write whatever they can say. This early reading program combines such a strong phonics approach with writing and typing skills. It teaches these skills simultaneously as children progress through a lesson adventure building a multitude of animated sentences and writing their own stories. It integrates three essential skills into one essential program. Over 200 sequenced activities present three essential skills: reading writing and typing. Links all 40 speech sounds with typing to let kids write anything they can say. Lifelike talking hands provide spoken help demonstrate each key stroke and guide children through the learning process. Based on 10 years of classroom research. Prints stories and certificates to provide motivating tangible rewards. Automatically directs children to activities that provide extra practice in areas of difficulty. Features: Enables Children to Write Whatever They Can Say [Age 6 - 8]; Combines a strong phonics approach with writing and typing skills; Write animated stories while building skills in phonics, reading, and keyboarding; Includes 57 sound games with more than 200 words with accompanying pictures; A progressively challenging sequence.
ISO Demo 200MB (uploaded by anabate123)

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