Dead Man's Crossing awfindlay 2016

Made in only two weeks for #AdvJam2016. The Wild West town of Dead Man's crossing earned its name from the terrible train crash that took place there. Fated to repeat its last journey, the ghostly guard of that doomed locomotive must now seek a way to send his final passengers on to the afterlife. You've never played an adventure like this before. Take control of the train and stop at any point to explore over 30KM of Wild West locations. Beautiful Pixel Art: A cast of kooky characters and old timey Wild West locations are realised with charming pixel art. Amazing Western Soundtrack: it's brought to life with great sound effects, and features an original musical score. The ghost train is stuck in limbo, reliving its last moments. Over and over again it crashes, over and over again it restarts its final journey. Can you solve each of the passenger’s problems and finally rest in peace?
Free Game v1.1.0 28MB (uploaded by GameJolt)

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