Trespass VRotein 2016

Episode 1 Escape from Trespass. Memories do not always reflect actuality. They can occasionally be distorted, whether you intend it or not. "My name is... Samuel Rodriguez. Where am I? I don’t remember. What is this place? I need to escape. But why? That’s not all I want. Why can’t I remember so much? Has something happened to me? I have to remember. But is that really what I want? Yes. Jess... My wife. I want to see her. I have to find her." Without knowing his whereabouts Samuel must seek a way out. And along the way acquire the lost pieces of his memories to uncover the truth behind his forgotten past. This is an escape room adventure intended on testing your brain. Explore the environments to find objects and clues that will help you escape. Currently only supports HTC Vive; Allow plenty of room in a 360° space. Oculus Rift will be supported with updates. Steam platform support – Steam Cloud Save, Leaderboards, Big Picture Mode. Episode 2 (Early Access Release Date: Feb 16/2017). The protagonist, Samuel Rodriguez wakes up and finds himself in an unfamiliar location, a detention facility. He will revisit and attempt to escape from locations connected to his past and along the way uncover the mysteries behind his forgotten past. This is a game intended to test your cognitive abilities. Escape from various locations, all of which have unique objectives whether it's searching for hints in a morgue through interacting with the surrounding objects or making your way through a military facility using various weapons and explosives. Everything you need to escape is there. It's all a matter of using your observational skills and thinking outside of the box.
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