Putty Pals Harmonious Games 2017

When your whimsical Putty Pals are whisked away in a hectic tornado to dangerous worlds of fire and ice, they will need to work together to get back home to Puttopia. You and a pal will bounce, squish, slingshot and fling yourselves in order to solve platformer puzzles. Grab a friend, pick up your controllers and experiment with tight physics and unique co-op character abilities in a colourful playground. Communication is key. Pick-up-and-play with your gaming Pal in Local Co-op. Use any gamepad combo or gamepad + keyboard combo to check out our neat 2D physics. Putty Pals characters are bouncy and super squishy. Morph your Putty's shape to trampoline your Pal to crazy heights. Reach out and grab your Pal and stretch the Putties to create ridiculously cool acrobatics. Adventure as a team through the lava world of Mount Puttuvius and slide through the ice world of Puttarctica to reach your Pals' home of Puttopia. Unfortunately there is no online play at the moment. The game is as accessible as possible for local co-op play allowing for multiple ways to play using a keyboard and controllers, or a combination of both. Both characters can technically be controlled simultaneously on your keyboard, however the game is specifically designed for cooperative local play between two people.
Download: None currently available

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