Waking the Glares Wisefool Studio 2017

Dawnfall is a lost wanderer who travels in a fragmented universe where time and space are twisted. There is a mysterious voice that guides him in a journey that will bring him to fabulous places, meeting challenges that he never thought he could face and that will allow him to find the way back home. Dawnfall's life has been messed up by a book. He doesn't know why but somewhere in that book he will find answers to all his questions. This is a great journey, an exploration-based game that will require the player to pay attention to the environment from a visual and acoustic point of view. Chapters 1 & 2 The complete adventure is intended to be made of seven different chapters and their release will depend on the first release success. But please note that every single chapter tells a story on its own, just, there's a thread passing through all the chapters. In game terms, this means that every single chapter is set in a different location with a slightly different gameplay. The story revolves around a book that has messed up Dawnfall's life. To "Wake" the "Glares" means to look for answers, to discover secrets and to find out why this book is so important. This book is real and together with Waking the Glares the player will get its ebook version and so the opportunity to live a deeper experience. Key Features: A various setting; A great story, where every single element in the game has a reason to be; Two different levels of narration - the game and the mysterious book; Stunning soundtrack; Oculus Rift compatibility.
Download: None currently available

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