Upwords Random Games Inc. / Hasbro Interactive 1999

Stack your tiles and change words for really big scores in this electronic version of the classic game. When "shark" becomes "share" and "lion" becomes "lair," you know you're playing Upwords. Score big when you build words up as well as across and down. Compete against family and friends at home or around the country with local network or Internet play. You have no one to play with? Then play against a computer opponent. This entertaining electronic word game is actually a variation on the game of Scrabble. You still build words by placing letter tiles across or down the game board, but this time you also earn points by stacking letter tiles on top of existing words. For example, you can change FAT to CAT by placing a C on the F. Instead of the letters having their own point values, each tile you use in addition to those underneath are counted up and added to your score. Scrabble lovers will appreciate the new possibilities when playing their letters. Features like Internet play, multiple difficulty levels, a nice choice of background music and word hints significantly enhance the game. This is an excellent language experience for children expanding their spelling abilities.
ISO Demo 338MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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