Psychic Detective Series Vol. 2: Memories [J] DataWest 1997

First out in 1989 on FM Towns, this continues the psychic detective Katsuya Furuyagi's tale and he cannot forget his past. Looking at the photo in his office, he recalls Rieka, the woman who won't leave him in his dreams. At that moment, a young girl enters the office; seemingly distressed, she utters a strange request: "erase the memory of my father". Intrigued, Furuyagi uses his psychic abilities to travel to the past and relive memories and people's fates once again. The gameplay is largely identical to that of the previous entry. Locations are viewed from first-person perspective, and interaction with the environment (including movement to another location) is performed through a command menu. Conversations with characters serve as the primary tool to advance the game's plot.
Korean Full Demo 226MB (uploaded by Nemo838)
Japanese ISO Demo + Scans 113MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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