Moon Racer Virtuality KK 1997

The year is 2010. As part of an undertaking called the "Alpha Project", humans on Earth co-operated to build a settlement called Alpha Base on the Moon's surface, and a space station called "Alpha Station" to orbit the Moon. Everything seemed to be going fine, then disaster struck. Defy the limits of gravity. Race on the moon in 1/6 the force. Be very careful that you reach the next oxygen station before your tanks run out. One MoonRacer will win...others will die trying. The lunar terrain demands that you choose the right lunar buggy for the right track. The tracks include racing through Alpha Base, in the harsh vacuum of the moon surface and in the orbiting, now abandoned, Space Station. The game was made for Videologic PowerVR cards only (3DX/5DX cards).
ISO Demo (uploaded by myloch) 295MB

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