Engineering Jones and the Time Thieves of DSPea Prentice Associates / Harris Semiconductor 1991

Plunderers of time-changing technology throughout history, have hit the city of DSPea and stolen their cutting edge image processing technology. Engineering Jones, Senior Time Warden of the sector, along with his robot buddy CirQuet, is charged with setting history back on track and stopping the Time Thieves. This is a first-person maze game meant to advertise Harris Semiconductor products. There are also puzzles or mini-games with a different type of gameplay. People who managed to beat the game could participate in a contest to win a Sony Camcorder. It's an early promotional computer game of historical importance: it marked the first time a computer game was used to introduce a new product. In this case, two new products for digital signal processing from Harris Semiconductor. Designed by a firm specializing in computer marketing tools, the game was shipped to more than 15,000 imaging system designers in the USA. The result was very positive: the game generated 11% response rate (vs. the usual 3% rate for the company) and more than 1,700 strong leads within a few months. The game portrays a futuristic world deprived of the benefits of the new Harris DSP technology, and your job is to help Engineering Jones to save the technology of planet DSPea (i.e. Harrris' new products) from being plundered by the evil Time Thieves. As the scenario unfolds, you will be gradually introduced to the features, benefits, and applications of Harris' new products. Last but not least, the wacky and detailed graphics recall classic Exxos games such as Captain Blood and Kult, so fans of these games will find the game a bit nostalgic.
Full Demo 455kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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