Wheel of Fortune 2003 Artech Digital Entertainment, Ltd. / Atari, Inc. 2003

This release of the popular Wheel of Fortune game takes advantage of more up-to-date multimedia graphics and sound to make the player feel he (or she) is actually a contestant on the television show. Take the contestant exam and then begin to play one of the 3,000 puzzles in the categories of "Place", "Person" or "Phrase". Dollar amounts and prize packages are posted on a large wheel. After spinning the wheel, guess a letter in the puzzle. If that letter is contained in the puzzle, you win the prize. If you win enough puzzles you'll have a chance to win even more in the "beat the clock" bonus round. Up to 3 players can play against each other, or you can play solo against computer opponents.
ISO Demo 730MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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