Flooding in Prostokvashino: Developmental Logic Games [Ru] Electronic Paradise / Akella 2006

After the rainy season in the village of Buttermilk, it happened a very real flood. Pechkin could not be reached by e-mail to a neighboring village, Professor Semin had a power outage and could not carry out his experiments, and the dam built by beavers was damaged. Of course, Uncle Fyodor can not leave everything as it is and has called to help the residents of his native village. Your child will follow Uncle Fyodor through numerous adventures and solve many interesting problems. Features: Favorite characters of children and their parents from the cartoon about the village of Buttermilk; A variety of mini-games that develop reaction, memory and logical thinking; Good and quiet music, high-quality voiced dialogue; The game is suitable for children of any age, even those who do not know numbers.
Russian ISO Demo 657MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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