Moon [J] Overrise Inc. 1997

You lose all memories, you are standing in the world of silence without anyone. The only clue is the words spoken by people in portraits. In searching for their own memory and searching for the truth hidden behind themselves, you are leaving for adventure alone. The five worlds you wander are filled with secrets, mysteries, illusions and loneliness. Only when you can solve all that mystery you can know the amazing truth about the moon. Map scroll type uses the conventional RPG type field. You will solve the hidden mystery based on clues hidden in overwhelming degrees of freedom without any battle. RPG style adventure game but there is no battle even if it says RPG. You walk around various fields of the RPG type, find hidden clues, and solve the secret mystery. Mystery and mystery interlace, and eventually the whole story will gradually become clear. It is not in conventional scenario type, command selection type adventure, the overwhelming degree of freedom. The esoteric mystery studded in the full game challenges your intelligence. From the beginning you can go to all the ruins and buildings of the island, but there are many island sizes and events, and for people who are not confident in knowledge or intuition, it is unlikely to proceed easily. What is the mystery of the people hidden in the picture of the moon... From there to the new world will warp.
Full Secret - Level Demo 1MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Japanese PC+MAC ISO Demos + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 86/87MB

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