Brandish 3: Spirit of Balcan [K] Nihon Falcom Corp. 1996

The country of Fiberia has enjoyed the blessing of the Goddess. But as their king discovered an old manuscript, an ancient evil was called into the world. Was Balcan, the sorcerer killed by the great warrior Ares, the only one who knew how to stop evil? It's time for Ares to understand the meaning of Balcan's final words. Maybe the young sorceress Dela, still on a quest to avenge her teacher's death, can forgive Ares and join forces with him. Meanwhile, a new player appears - Unber, the female champion of Castle Town. Spirit of Balcan has the same gameplay system as the previous entries in the series: the player navigates the character through the top-down world (the camera rotates with each turn of the player character), fighting enemies in real-time combat and gaining experience points. Characters can also visit "friendly" areas, where they can buy and equip weapons and armor. The interface is point-and-click, with selectable icons for looking, searching, and attacking. It is also possible (and sometimes necessary) to jump up and backwards. Unlike the previous Brandish games, Spirit of Balcan allows the player to control different characters, starting with Unber and later switching to Ares and Dela.
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Chinese Full Demo 9MB (uploaded by Nemo838)
Korean Full Demo 267MB (uploaded by Nemo838)

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