Axis & Allies Meyer Glass Interactive Ltd. / Hasbro Interactive, Inc. 1998

This is Hasbro's PC version of the popular Milton Bradley board game of the same name. Designed for 1-5 players, the game begins in the Spring of 1942, right after America entered World War II. The 5 nations that you can play are U.S.A. United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, and Japan. The game begins with the same units on the same territories every time, yet hardcore players of the game still argue what are the best moves and counter moves to begin each game. With the added randomness of the die rolls, each game will eventually turn out different. The game is very balanced, with the Axis having an upper hand in number of units, but the Allies have an economic advantage. The PC version has many "house rules" that have evolved over the years that you can choose to play with, as well as a unit editor. There are also in-game cinematics that are nice the first few times you play. This game supports several multiplayer modes. It can be played in-house, on a LAN, modem-to-modem, or on the MSN Gaming Zone.
Full Demo 32MB (uploaded by XTC Abandonware)
Clone ISO Demo 456MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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