Three from Prostokvashino 5: New Year Electronic Paradise / Akella 2008

The Buttermilk winter came. River covered with ice, houses and trees sprinkled with fluffy snow, the forest wrapped in a white fur coat. It's time to build snow forts, sledding and playing snowballs. Uncle Feodor, Sharik and Matroskin are not up to the Games - they have yet much to do to properly prepare for the New Year. Together with friends from Buttermilk kids will be looking for decorations for the Christmas tree, to sculpt a snowman, invite the villagers for a holiday and to meet Santa Claus with gifts. Good winter in the Buttermilk. Features: A new meeting with their favorite characters in the works of Eduard Uspensky; The game does not require any specific skills dealing with computer; Fairytale Christmas atmosphere; The game is designed for children of preschool and early school age Gorgeous animation and voice characters.
Russian ISO Demo 1.52GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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