Spirit Underneath, The Acuze Interactives 2017

With no memory of how you got to where you are, you must find a way to escape hell and figure out why you were sent here, and how to escape. You keep coming across these letters that are slowley leading you to remember why you’re here, but whose leaving them? And why? You continuesly hear these demon like voices around you, and things keep moving, but you look around and you're the only one. After many of these letters, you come to realize a spirit has been leaving you the letters to remember. You don't understand why, you’re terrified, but keep reminding yourself you need to get out of this place. Not until later will you come to remember that the spirit and the reason it is leaving letters behind is more personal than you thought. Are you prepared to visit the most terrifying depths of hell to remember what it is that has brought you to hell? Are you ready to remember your past, and take on the weight it carries? This first-person horror game combines horror, adventure,survival and walking simulator elements to one unique mix. Features: Multiple Open Area Levels; Living World; Atmospheric Soundtrack; Creepy Environments; Unique Enemies; Unique Story; Multiple story paths (the choices you make will greatly effect the way the story plays out).
Download: None currently available

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