Bendy and the Ink Machine The Meatly Games 2017

This is a first person puzzle action horror game that begins in the far days past of animation and ends in a very dark future. Take on the role of Henry, an animator from long ago, returning to a forgotten place he never thought he would see again. What follows... is a mystery. Chapter One: Moving Pictures This first free chapter sets the tone for the adventure ahead. Solve the riddle. Escape the workshop. Above all, fear the machine and survive. Chapter Two: The Old Song (Apr 27) Continue the story as Henry trapped in the darkened halls of Joey Drew Studios. With your path blocked, there's only one thing to do: Find a new way out. Dive deeper into the animation studio and learn the secrets that it holds. Fight your way through and don't ever look back. There is something in the darkness. Chapter Three: Rise and Fall (Sep 30) The dark journey into the depths of Joey Drew Studios continues with new surprises and chilling scares. This time there’s no escaping the monsters creeping the halls. Stand and fight, or run and hide. Discover the secrets of angels, solve the riddles of the ink, and help Henry survive in this terrifying, forgotten cartoon studio. But above all, fear the machine. The terror is coming to the surface. Chapter Four: Colossal Wonders (Apr 30/2018) Follow the fading trail of a stolen friend and survive the cartoon horrors that await you. The secrets of the studio are stepping into the light and it's time to face them. Save the Wolf. Fear the Ride. End the Angel. Chapter Five: The Last Reel (Oct 26) was given free to those who purchased the complete game already. Henry reaches the end of his journey. Having gained and lost allies along with enemies, the end of the Ink Demon finally reveals itself. But... is this truly The End?
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Chapter One - Free Game 62MB (uploaded by
Chapter One - Free Game 62MB (uploaded by GameJolt)

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