Penguin Brothers 2 [K] Ares Soft / DreamQuest 2004

This platformer is a sequel to a 2000 arcade game. When the world was in crisis by the resurrection of the Great King, the penguin brothers went to the forest country, the earth kingdom, the fire kingdom, the machine kingdom, and the ice kingdom to collect orbs and seal the resurrection of the Great King. The style of the static screen is like that of Super Mario Bros. The penguins can toss bombs at enemies and tnt barrels. There are swiveling platform areas at different sections where you can stand and turn to go to the platform above or below and if you toss bombs while swiveling, the bombs will fly further. Cd-shaped keys will be dropped by enemies and bosses must also be defeated.
Penguin Brothers 1+2 - Korean ISO Demo 78MB (uploaded by roioros)

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