Solitaire Deluxe Publishing International / Interplay Entertainment Corp. 1996

This version of Computer Card Solitaire contains 24 different games, including: Calculation, Forty Thieves, Four Corners, Golf, Klondike, La Nivernaise, Pyramid, Scorpion, Spider, Three Shuffles and a Draw, and Upside-Down Pyramid, plus others. In addition, it has 24 different decks and 24 different backgrounds. Rules can be changed so the games will play like the player is used to playing them. You can also create your own "tours" where you are able to play a series of selected games ending up with a total score for the series. Finally, there is are numerous options: Drag Options:Card Drag, Outline Drag, and no Drag Scoring Options: Traditional and Challenge Playing Options: Timed and Duplicate. Solitaire Deluxe for Windows was a re-released version compatible with Windows 95.
Full Demo 2MB (uploaded by
1998 Solitaire Deluxe for Windows - Clone ISO Demo 11MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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