Ten Pin Alley Adrenalin Entertainment / ASC Games 1997

In this bowling game, you must choose from one of eight very different characters. Choose power and accuracy from a meter that is very similar to the Links golf games - let go and watch the action. The game consists of single game, league and tournament (amateur and pro) modes. Selected player may be edited by changing shirt, hair, pants and skin color and is described by four factors: power, release, spin and hand usage. Each strike consists of choosing lane arrow , setting bowler position and operating on bowling meter. Operating on bowling meter includes specifying spin velocity, power of the strike and release point. The game shows the release animation, ball track and the moment of impact in bowling. After two strikes next player takes his position. The results are presented in the table after every completed round. It allows to play up to ten human or CPU players on a single computer (hot seat mode) or via internet connection.
Clone ISO Demo 336MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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