School Zone: Reading Readiness K-1 School Zone Publishing Company 2000

This features two interactive storybooks that will help your kids learn to read while entertaining them. Based on the School Zone workbook series, this program incorporates critical math skills with interactive exercises and fun games. A solid curriculum, audio guidance, and clear examples help your child master classifying skills, the alphabet, rhyming words, opposites, and more. The program randomizes problems with each use, providing a different experience each session. Engaging games provide an important break. These two animated stories have cute cartoony characters that guide your child through educational chapters. In the first story, Jog Frog Jog, kids will help a frog escape from a large dog. Nine Men Chase A Hen is a humorous story that teaches about cooperation. Kids will use rhyming words and picture clues to advance the story. Kids can even add their own pictures and art with the Create-A-Story feature.
Full Demo 183MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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