Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 PopCap Games, Inc. 2009

This is the long-awaited sequel to one of the worlds most popular word games, and in this new collection they're delivering dozens of hours of entertainment to delight even the most seasoned vocabulary aficionados. The three new books, Fractured Fairytales, The Monkey King and Astounding Planet, each offer a complete story and 10-chapter adventure in which players once again take on the role of Lex the intrepid Bookworm to right wrongs and defeat evil-doers through superlative spelling and use of the games many new and existing role-playing game elements. Lex must overcome by forming words from an ever-changing set of letter tiles. Making longer and more complex words gives Lex greater fighting prowess, while special gem letter tiles offer a range of power-up effects of their own. Various potions and treasures give Lex added power, defense, health, and dozens of other persistent or one-time abilities. In the new sequel, wild card rainbow tiles, 20 new treasures and zany literary companions including Mother Goose, the Cheshire Cat and author H.G. Wells all provide players with even more powers and abilities. Three new mini-games augment those from the original BWA, offering a total of six different side quest activities to earn additional potions and power-ups. New Features include: All-new infinite Replay mode! Pick a book, fight foes and score big points; 6 mini-games, including all-new Mutant Words,Golden Coins and Word Up (Each book contains two mini-games); Battle more than 130 ferocious new foes while wielding over 20 terrific new treasures (Each book contains approximately 40-45 new enemies and seven treasures); Companions - Literary figures join Lex and battle by his side (two per book); Rainbow Tiles - New potent wild card tiles allow you to build the gigantic words of your dreams; Arena mode - Spell quickly to defeat your toughest enemies; Achievements earn trophies, points and badges.
Full Demo 53MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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