Officer Krupt 2000

Officer Krupt was a short-lived interactive flash animated series that was made exclusively for The series lasted for only three segments (a preview prologue and two full episodes) before it abruptly ended due to ongoing financial difficulties with The game tells the story of Officer Krupt: a police officer working for the New Angeles police department. Tasked with appeasing a mafia lord he's known since childhood and whom he now secretly collaborates with, players must help Krupt both deal with his hetic police routine and simultaneously help complete missions given to him by the mafia. The game uses choose your own adventure formula in which you are presented multiple choices. Picking the right ones is key to winning the game. On occasion though, the game does shift into a arcade mode in which you must win minigames to progress. The first episode for example involves you shooting a robbery who is holding up a local store while the second episode requires you to engage in fisticuffs with a security guard. The series is aimed solely at adults due to its high degree of adult material.
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