Halo Wars 2: Leader Kinsano DLC 343 Industries / Microsoft Studios 2017

This first DLC, also available as part of the Season Pass, adds a new leader and a bunch of new units. Lt. Colonel Morgan Kinsano is the first of many new leaders to be added, more will drop every month. The Lt. Colonel's abilities include Helldrop, which brings in friendly reinforcements from the sky; Hellcharge, which buffs friendly units' speed and damage stats; and Inferno, a huge blast of fire that's expensive to use but lethal to everything in its area of effect. Kinsano pilots a personalized Flame Cyclops, whose dual flamethrowers make it deadly at close range. Accompanying units - the Flame Warthog, Veteran Flame Hog, and Veteran Hellbringers - continue the fire theme and are particularly suited to short-range combat against enemy infantry. Take the fight to the Banished with Kinsano, an explosive new force in the UNSC's arsenal. Featuring some incendiary new units and abilities, Kinsano is ready to burn a path to victory under your command. 8 exclusive Blitz Cards including Kinsano’s Cyclops, Flame Warthog, Napalm Missiles and more. 5 Blitz Packs of Kinsano’s exclusive cards. All-new leader powers and units for use in multiplayer modes that allow Kinsano to dramatically speed up troop movement, call in fiery new vehicles and armies, and deploy raging infernos into large areas.
Download: None currently available

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