Three from Prostokvashino 6: Aliens in Prostokvashino [Ru] Electronic Paradise / Akella 2008

So ended the cold days. Once it got warm, the sun shone again and Uncle Fedor can not stay in the city - in the village pulls. Very much balls with Matroskin want to see, breathe clean country air. And there, this time the adventure is not long in coming. Near the village of Buttermilk crashes a real flying saucer. And even with aliens. Our friends Uncle Fedor, Ball, and judgment Matroskin have to help the alien brothers on reason to return to their home planet and unharmed. Features: a new meeting with the heroes of Eduard Uspensky; bright three-dimensional characters; colorful locations; exciting mini-games; the game is designed for children aged 5 years.
Russian ISO Demo 4.25GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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