Lord of the Rings, The: The Battle for Middle-Earth Electronic Arts Los Angeles / Electronic Arts, Inc. 2004

A real-time strategy game that takes place in the fantasy universe of Middle-Earth created by J.R.R. Tolkien. The game allows the players to participate in two separate campaigns in which they can lead one of 4 nations: riders of Rohan, soldiers of Gondor, army of Isengard and legions of Mordor. Each nation has its advantages and weaknesses. The gameplay combines features of classic RTS games, based on resource gathering and base expansion paired with epic fights during which, similarly as in the Total War series, the player controls whole formations of troops and powerful war machines. Heroes with special powers, such as Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas or Gimli are an interesting addition to the formula. The developers recreated many battles known from the trilogy, including the Battle of Helm's Deep during which as much as 500 units can appear on the screen simultaneously. Graphics of the title are generated by the engine that was previously used in Command & Conquer: Generals. Cast spells and mobilize hundreds of units as you vie to take control of the One Ring. The game takes an old-school, Command and Conquer approach to J.R.R. Tolkien's acclaimed universe, with one important twist: there is no real interface to speak of: structures can only be built on predefined sites and, like the units, they are ordered through a circular context-sensitive command menu that ensures that you get pulled into the action. Also, the license of the game is taken from the movies, allowing it to have the voices, likeness and even clips from the Hollywood production extravaganza.
DVD ISO Demo + Bonus CD ISO Demo 3.94GB+237MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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