Dinosaur Island / Daina Airan [J] Game Arts Co., Ltd. 1998

This interactive comic is a slapstick adventure of twin sisters. In addition to being full of animation in the full story, there are many pretty songs by Heroine's Emil Azzie ( Otani Yukie, Matsushita Miyuki). In the main part, options appear and players can choose the branch of the story. The selection will change the story development afterwards, which also affects the ending. The story is multi-ending, and there are alternatives that change depending on the number of times cleared. As a so-called cameo appearance, Aoi Hayakawa of "Aoi chan panic!", Yumizawa Yumi of the previous work " Yumimi Mikukusu ", Sakurazaki Sakurako, Matsuzaki Shinichi, Morishita Rie, department manager will also appear as the story develops. The stage of the story is the earth where coexists dinosaurs and mankind. You can manipulate dinosaurs with music, dinosaurs are used as transportation and construction machinery. Meanwhile, a school that cultivates an expert "dinosaur use" that manipulates dinosaurs playing music in a certain south island will be the stage of the story. Toyotomi Ito aims for a single dinosaur use meets a dinosaur singing a song one day ahead of the school's advancement exam. Rather, the task of the advance exam is to find eggs of dinosaurs. Emi and Anji go out to explore the singing dinosaur eggs, but there are lots of strange outbreaks outside the school, and they will fly away until they get the dinosaur eggs.
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Japanese ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 497MB

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