Fritz 9: Play Chess ChessBase GmbH / Viva Media, LLC 2005

This is the updated version of the high-powered chess engine that has made the series famous. It is very similar to the previous version, Fritz 8, but with some added features that experienced chess enthusiasts will appreciate. It plays completely inside a window so you can multi-task with other applications. New game aspects include new preset AI opponents who play differently based on elements (handicaps etc.) that you choose, realistic sound effects for the various types of chess pieces, several new 3D enhanced playing boards and some that you can customize yourself. But this is much more than a computer chess game. It is a sophisticated analysis tool letting you discover the weak portions of your games (and games of others) to help you improve. The engine adjusts to the players skill level and strengths. Included free is a one-year subscription to for on-line play against opponents all over the world.
ISO Demo 983MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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