Dark Parables 2: The Exiled Prince Blue Tea Games / Big Fish Games 2011

Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince is the second installment in the Dark Parables franchise and was released on February 25, 2011. Set in Black Forest, Germany, the player as The Detective is sent to investigate the tale of The Frog Prince after the disappearance of the chancellor's daughter. It is revealed the fabled prince is still alive, cursed with Immortality, and now roams the deserted path in the forest, capturing unsuspecting visitors trying to find a solution to his curse. After rescuing the chancellor's daughter, she told the detective about the appearance of the alleged 'white lady', which is actually the Snow Queen in the next installment Rise of the Snow Queen. In connection to this, the bonus gameplay in this game is titled "The Frozen Lair" and was a teaser for the following game, Rise of the Snow Queen.
Download: None currently available

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