Star Wars: Galaxies - An Empire Divided Sony Online Entertainment Inc. / LucasArts 2003

Explore the worlds of Star Wars in your own, special way. Become a Jedi, a Bounty Hunter, smuggler, ranger, merchant or simply live the world as a free spirit, without a care in the world. Share the likes of Tatooine, Corellia, Naboo and six other planets with thousands of other players around the world in real time. Join the Rebel Alliance to battle Stormtroopers, become an agent of the Emperor and defeat the last remaining Jedi, or simply stay out of the conflict all together. You decide your destiny. There are eight initial races to choose from, including humans and Wookiee, each with their own innate species bonuses. Characters can master professions, or specialize in broader areas by taking skills from multiple profession trees - there is no required "class" or path. You can also develop and decorate your own 3-D household, join a guild, or try your hand at carving out a part of the completely player-crafted market and economy. Each lesson learned and task completed improves your skills and experience for the chance to take on larger and more complex adventures; from visiting famous landmarks from the Star Wars universe to talking face to face with the legends of the original movie trilogy.

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